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One of the first things most people do, when they wake up, is to check their phone. According to the 2017 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, the average number of times most Americans check their phone is 47. This number increases to 86 for teenagers and young adults.


What does this mean for businesses? A large amount of all this screen time is spent on social media. For a company trying to be successful, whether it’s delivering information or selling products, understanding the ins and outs of social media marketing is the key to reaching the right consumers. Here are 20 ways Social Media Marketing matters for your business.


1. Jump on board with everyone else.


Everyone has some sort of social media presence. Whether it’s to send an occasional Tweet or to follow your cousin’s kids across the ocean, we all indulge at least a tiny bit. Most of us have dived right into it and own several profiles across the many options of staying connected.


2. Appeals to mobile users.


One of the many aspects that appeal to us about Social Media is that we can stay in touch with friends and family on the go. Tapping into that mindset gives you access to the vast number of mobile users out there and puts you in their pocket.


3. Target who you want to.


Social Media Marketing allows you to target the audience you need to reach. According to sprout social, each social media platform engages different ages and genders making it important to understand which platforms you should utilize when choosing where to advertise.


4. Understand who to target.


Using social media platforms will help you gain a better understanding of your audience. You might think your merchandise will appeal to a certain age group, but end up finding it’s attracting a slightly older or younger audience. We can just look to the attention a certain children’s show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic received. It was obviously targeted to young girls but ended up with a 3customer base of mostly young men between the ages of 15 and 30. Of course, this is an extreme example, but it proves to show that you should always pay attention to who your business is attracting to reap the most benefit.


5. Know what sells and what attracts attention.


Social media marketing also gives insight into what sells and gets attention. Merchandise that you originally thought would move may not be the one the majority chooses. It helps to see what is instigating the most clicks and attention.


6. Use chat features to be more hands-on with customers.


By the term alone, we know social media is all about being socially active. Using messaging and chat features help you build relationships with consumers. When asking a question about a product or service, people like to feel that they are a priority. Social media allows you to respond almost immediately to inquiries and proves to your customers that you take their questions seriously.


7. Give your consumers the best attention and care.


Another benefit of this is it’s a great way to do customer service. Being able to message a business gives people more confidence in business according to Facebook. If someone has an issue, you can address it in a personalized and speedy fashion, which will let them know that you care about their concerns and you strive to make things right.


8. Branch loyalty is easier to increase.


Building brand loyalty is so much easier when you’re able to satisfy consumer desires. They can Like your business page and posts that you Share, giving your business more chances of being seen.


9. Get repeated attention.


This will encourage repeat customers as your posts will entice them to other products or services, and as long as they’ve had a good experience they will trust you with other needs. People are more likely to purchase from a company they have already used.


10. Customers will become advertisers.


Likewise, they are also more willing to share posts and pages with family and friends if they are happy with your services. Word of mouth is one of the most trusted ways to promote a business, and social media makes that so much easier than it used to be. All a consumer needs to do it Tag someone else with a quick comment or share a post directly onto someone else’s page to support your business.


11. Followers are asking to be marketed to.


Consumers will be able to follow you, keeping on top of events. If you decide to hold an event, advertising it on social media allows all of your supporters to see it immediately and even set reminders.


12. Easy ways to show off your services.


You can also show off new products and sales without relying on people seeing a newspaper advertisement or sign on the side of a road. Online sales are a common thing now and you can have people make purchases right from their phone.


13. It allows you to take advantage of the attention.


All business owners hope for those moments that shine a spotlight on their business. This may be from a local news story or an influencer mentioning your services, but social media gives you the chance to tap into those spotlight moments. You can respond to comments with information and links to direct traffic back to your business.


14. Show viewers that you are the specialist.


This can provide you with the chance to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert. Utilizing social media to answer questions and offer advice, especially in places that have nothing to do with your business like Add a link to your business page as proof of your expertise and also increase traffic to your business.


15. Cost-effective.


Not only is this the age of social media, but the costs of advertising through these online communities are far lower than through traditional marketing outlets.


16. Great return for what you pay for.


There’s always the concern when making an investment in how much return you will see. Marketing on social media has a proven ROI that will make it worth the expense. According to 5Buffer, 73% of businesses say that social media marketing is effective.


17. Jump up in your SEO ranking.


Any modern business is concerned with increasing its SEO ranking. Social media presence impacts those rankings and gets your business seen more than just relying on content alone, and as everyone knows, the more your business is seen, the more chance to make sales.


18. Your competition is already advertising on social media.


Competitors are everywhere, and you can bet they are tapping into social media marketing already. Staying on top means keeping up with the trends. Social media is where trends are born. Businesses need that aspect or they will be left behind.


19. You know there are no unfair advantages to slow you down.


Most social media offers a level playing field for businesses to advertise. If you’re a smaller business and you don’t have the budget to pay for a lot you can put in the time to advertise with just as much effect as paying does. When your business does grow more and you have the funds, you can pay for the advertisement and put your focus into helping your growing number of customers.


20. It’s a fun way to create a customer base.


Social media is for both serious and casual users. It gives you the opportunity to have fun you’re your consumers in a way that traditional marketing doesn’t. As mentioned before, people like to feel that they have your time. You can provide them with that attention and gain a level of levity that will bridge the gap and bring your consumers closer to you.

Building a business is a lot of work. Social media marketing takes that load off the shoulders of business owners and guarantees you get the most out of your advertisements. Every growing business needs the right marketing touch to grow.