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Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to SEO. This FAQ section is updated often with new questions and answers, so be sure to check back often. If you have a question that you would like featured on this page, simply contact us.

Why Should I Use Alt Tag In Images?

One of the main reasons you should use ALT tags in images to help search engines such as Google identify what the image represents. It also aids in helping with indexing your image with the appropriate keyword term in the image search for Google and Bing.

Does Google Still Accept Meta Tag Keywords?

Google no longer requires a meta tag keyword to determine the content on your site. According to Matt Cutts, it is no longer a factor and is simply ignored by Google.

Is it possible to rank my site in Google instantly?

Technically the answer to that is no unless it is a keyword unique to you with no other relevant search results. It can take weeks for Google to analyze your page before deciding its appropriate rank.

How do I find keywords that are easy to rank for?

Finding keywords that are easy to rank for will require tools that focus on keyword difficulty. Keep in mind that the data provided are just estimates and even a keyword that shows as easy may turn out not to be that easy to rank for.

Does Google Image Search Traffic Convert?

It depends on what you mean by conversion, as you can receive traffic from users who search Google or Bing images for a particular term. When the image is clicked it takes the user to your website, so in turn, it has converted into a visitor to your site.

Can anyone really guarantee a top ten ranking in Google?

Technically the answer is no. Only Google determines the ranking of pages, but if you build your site with quality content, update your site regularly, your site will get noticed and become featured on other sites. Being featured on authority sites and in social media will help improve your ranking in Google.

Why do new domain registrations get spammed with SEO offers?

I'm sure you've registered a domain name before and within a couple of days, you're spammed with offers for top rankings in Google. The reason you're getting these emails is that new domain registrations are considered leads and fresh prospects for search engine optimization services.

Can I build a new search engine to beat out Google?

The chances of building a complex search engine that is better than Google are slim. It's simply not a good idea at this time to compete with a billion-dollar company. A few have tried and failed, it's simply out of reach for most start-up companies.

Why is Bing's search engine traffic so much lower than Google's?

Simply put, Bing has a much lower user base than Google. A keyword that is searched for thousands of times in Google, may only receive a few dozen searches in Bing. That's simply because the number of people using Bing is considerably less than Google.