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Running any business is filled with challenges. It’s more than just a full-time job, it becomes a part of your life. Possible pitfalls and existing roadblocks are always on your mind, and marketing is one of the hardest aspects to navigate. With the rise of the average person’s online presence, utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital. With online businesses where you rely on people finding your website, it’s even more important than ever. Here are 20 ways SEO will make all the difference.

1. Everyone uses search engines.


When most people have a question, the first thing they do is look it up. According to 1Internet Live Stats, Google handles an average of 3.5 billion searches every day. Search engines have become such a big part of our day to day life that Google is both a noun and a verb. Taking advantage of this high usage to make sure your services are showing up higher on results lists will guarantee traffic coming to your site and therefore an increase in profit.


2. It will increase the chance your business is seen.


You need your target audience to see what you’re offering, and SEO makes that happen by increasing your chances of being seen. Using the right keywords that people will be looking for brings them to you on a silver platter.


3. It attracts new customers.


It helps people who wouldn’t normally find you to come across your website. Someone on the other side of the world will be able to find you if that’s what you want. The online world is a lot smaller than the outside one.


4. SEO targets the consumers you want.


Utilizing SEO content ensures that your target audience is the one that comes to your website. The people already looking for what you’re offering are the ones who will purchase your services and products. If your website shows up before a competitor’s on search engines, it increases the chances of them choosing your business.


5. You will see a definite increase in traffic.


Taking advantage of SEO content will increase how many people are coming to you. Customers from everywhere will gain access to your services in a way that traditional advertising does not offer. We are in an age of discerning purchasers, and they will readily shop around, so increasing how many may see your web site will increase how many choose your products.


6. SEO will bring in mobile users.


Utilizing SEO will increase mobile traffic as well. Fewer people are using desktop computers and are doing everything on the go. According to StatCounter Global Stats, 51.69% of online traffic was through mobile devices (not including tablets) in February of 2020. This was an increase from the previous year of 47.96%. This statistic is only increasing.


7. Create favorable experiences for your consumers.


Finding what they need quickly and easily will increase your users’ experience while visiting your site. People want things immediately and using SEO will bring them to your services sooner.


8. It allows you to control what viewers see.


Likewise, making sure they see what you want them to is also important. Using SEO content on the pages you want the traffic to come to will allow your customer base to see what you want them to see first.


9. See increased profit.


This will ultimately increase your sales as you utilize SEO marketing and bring customers to your site. As previously mentioned, people want to accomplish their tasks quickly, so it stands to reason that they will make a selection from the first few options they find. This means that if your products and services are some of those first options, your sales will increase.


10. It portrays your business as a viable business.


It will also build your credibility. They will see your website as one of the primary choices available to them and will think of your business as a top provider.


11. You will be able to utilize word of mouth.


This will lead to your customers becoming a marketing tool in itself. They will share and tag others to your site which will increase the chances of more people seeing it. If you can provide adequate SEO content for them to share with their friends and family that they think would enjoy your services, it will increase how often that SEO works in your favor.


12. Increase other sites mentioning your business.


It also increases the chances of other sites discussing your services. We all know that if we post something online it is bound to be copied somewhere. This will only help your business receive more attention. SEO presents you like someone to see.


13. Cost-effective for how much it works.


This type of marketing not only works but is far cheaper than alternative advertising options that are out there. Once SEO is in place, it continues working without requiring you to pay for ad space.


14. It Continues to work and is stable.


Incorporating SEO into your marketing plans will pay off in the long run as it lasts for a long time. 3Hubspot released an article in 2018 claiming that when analyzing their data they discovered that 76% of their blog views were for content that was over a month old. SEO content continues to make an impact on search engine results and you will continue to see the growth from it.


15. It helps you to track your success.


Because SEO offers a way to track analytical data, you will see what keywords work best for your business and be able to shape your marketing plans to accommodate. It’s much faster data than waiting to see results through sales. You can check it every day to see results.


16. Great ROI will make it worth your investment.


There is no doubt it gives great ROI (Return on Investment) as it practically sustains itself. We’ve already mentioned how it continues working for you the longer you are utilizing it and Databox shows that when compared to PPC (Pay Per Clicks) advertising, SEO results in 70% of sales while PPC is only 30%.


17. It allows you to tap into hometown loyalty.


You can also use local traffic, despite all the focus online. While reaching people all over the world is great, sometimes appealing to those in your own home town is just as important. If it works for your type of business, you can shine some light on where your center of operations or where you yourself hails from. This will create a sense of loyalty in those from the same area and also give you another niche for people making searches related to that area. Google reported that their “Where to buy” and “Near me” features increased in use over 200% in the past two years.


18. SEO can aid in the rising number of voice searches.


As with mobile device usage, voice command use is drastically increasing. Devices solely for voice commands are growing more common in homes. According to Backlinko, 40.7% of voice search results included featured snippets, which is one of the many ways to use SEO on your web site. With SEO, you increase the chances of these systems pulling your business when people are shopping for your services.


19. Your competitors already implement SEO marketing.


They are getting their business to show up in searches and bringing people to them. By finding the right keywords and increasing the usage of SEO you will be in a better position to beat them.


20. It’s the best way to stay on top.


SEO requires so little resources and time on your part that it stands as the best way to compete and market. Running your own business is a challenge and there are always rival companies popping up with flashy gimmicks, but making smart marketing decisions can take some of that load off your shoulders. Let SEO work for you to build your business and offer you peace of mind.